Soturis Soiree’s

With so many Women Networking Brunches how can one person stand out from the rest?

The goal of my event is to bring women between the ages of 21-35 together who all are in the introductory period of building their own brand and reinventing themselves. We as women are so much stronger than we think. But sometimes we can become weakened by our relationships, our friendships, our work experience, a comment that a guy in the coffee shop made about us that just didn’t seem to sit right in our minds.  We all know these moments too well. After reading so many self -help books and articles there is one solution that every author and speaker seem to agree with. The key way to make changes in your life is by surrounding yourself with positive forward thinking people, who also seek to constantly grow and mature with time.

“The one thing we all have control over in life is our effort!”  If your ready to step out of your comfort zone, and looking to discuss with people ideas, strategies and ways to better our lives, then you are exactly the kind of person I would like to have at this event.

Before things can be finalized I’d love to get feedback on what you want from a Women’s Social Networking Event. This feedback will help me in better preparing an effective event for all.

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