Chicken and Waffles AKA Heaven

Featured: Red Velvet Waffles & Fried Chicken

Red Velvet Waffles & Fried Chicken

So have you ever sat and wondered ….humm..I wonder what food they eat in heaven? No worries Cove Lounge gives you a sample of what their food is like!

Cove lounge located in the heart of harlem can definitely be considered a hidden jewel in the community.

THE GOOD: The best part of Cove Lounge is there Red Velvet Waffles and Fried Chicken with Strawberry Butter….Whew let me take a breath!… The Red Velvet Waffles are made to perfect soft consistency, while the Fried Chicken has just the right amount of salty crunch to it. When you combine the two, covered by the sweet strawberry butter and Maple syrup, you might not be able to ever eat waffles the same way again!

ON THE OTHER HAND: The location is small and intimate in setting. They have a great outdoor seating option, but the seating is very limited.  Cove Lounge also offers you seating in what appears to be the basement where the comedy show takes place. But as the outdoor seating option, the space is is limited as well.

THE MENU: The Menu offers a good variety, ranging from Lobster Mac and cheese (which seems to be on the menu of every restaurant on that strip!) Friend Brussels Sprouts, Island Wings, Beef Skewers. You are bound to find something you will like.

SETTING: Dimmed lights and and glowing menus you feel almost as if your in an old Motown movie.  One of the best features of the location is its outdoor dinning and view of the local Harlem community. It stands next to a few blocks of other outdoor seating restaurants including Sylvia’s, Red Rooster, and Corner Social.  

BUT HOW MUCH?? : With competitive prices ranging from $10 to $20 plates you wont be making cut backs on your bills here!

Special Inside Tip. Thursday Night come out and enjoy their free Comedy Show and Happy Hour from 7pm-10pm!! You wont have to tell them I sent you, Ill be at the table right next to you!!!

Cove Lounge

325 Lenox Ave, NY


7 thoughts on “Chicken and Waffles AKA Heaven

  1. Hello! We are featuring the best of food & drink blog posts around the world and would like your permission to feature a trimmed part of your post in our site. I will add in your blog post link to the feature. Hope to hear from you soon!


    • It really does have good food. I’ve so new to this blogging concept. I hope I did it justice lol If you have any feedback on how to make this better I would love to hear it. Thanks for the comment


      • There was one thing but I’m not sure if it’s due to me viewing it on my phone but the layout with the small pics of you and the pics of the stories looks confusing (like which to click) but I do like you pictures, font and the colors you use-it gives it a chic look. I would love feedback if you have the chance. I look forward to reading where you go next! 🙂


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