Bartaco? Who is that you asked?

Food Featured: Curry Shrimp and Jasmine Rice Bowl 7 STEEZ Half and Half Lemonade and Green Tea

I don’t eat tacos” said no one ever! Allow me to introduce to you BARTACO! Located in Port chester a small town just 25 mins from NYC.
THE GOOD: Imagine having an option of Fish, Pork Belly, Chicken, Chorizo, Falafel, Curry Shrimp, Fried Oysters……I could continue. But do I have to? Oh wait I do..because I have to tell you how happy your mouth will be once you try the Curry Shrimp and Jasmine Rice Bowl. Now I’m a woman from the west indies, so I have had my share of curry. But this is no ordinary curry like they make in Montego Bay. No this curry can be described as a sweet, light, tangy curry. Its cooked to a perfect soft texture and lays on a bed of jasmine rice that compliments the shrimp to perfection. The jasmine rice has the right amount of subtle flavor as not to over power the curry shrimp. Just….DELICIOUS.
ON THE OTHER HAND:  As there is a wide variety of tacos available I can tell you I have tried them all. The one taco that is more about preference is the pork belly taco. I’m not really a red meat fan but I tried the pork belly on 3 different occasions. All three times it was cooked properly but just didn’t satisfy my pallet as I would have liked. But adding their mild or jalapeño sauce makes the world of a difference.
THE MENU: As mentioned in “THE GOOD”.. you wont be limited in your options here. There is a selection for every type of taste bud. From tacos, to rice bowls! What is highly recommended is getting a variety. Order a few of everything and let your taste buds travel to some pretty surprising flavors!!
THE SETTING: PERFECT!……wait I guess I have to include more. This location in Portchester offers the best of both worlds. The inside is filled with nautical themed pictures, and wood grained walls. You will feel like your in a private bar in the hamptons! Then theres the outdoor seating!! With low cushioned benches, of blue and white themed decor its definitely beach house inspired. And for those of you who just cant decide which location to sit in! Don’t worry! There is seating right along the middle of both the indoor and outdoor sections so you can feel the cool breeze on your back will gazing at the artwork on the wall indoors!!
BUT HOW MUCH?? : Ready for the best part? These tacos are only $2.50 but if you come on TACO TUESDAYPay only $1.50 per taco!.. Let me just repeat that in case you read it too fast…$1.50 a taco!! Now lets just say you are the rare breed that just doesn’t get pumped over tacos. Thats fine. Come to Bartaco and have the Curry Shirmp with Jasmine Rice bowl for only $7!!
Urgh you should be heading there now while reading this review! Its that good. Go ahead! comment below when you return…. I’ll wait………


1 Willet Ave. Port Chester NY
Menu can be found at

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